Steve Biederman

About Me

 It was on the evening of my 7th Birthday. As my family sat in front of our black and white TV, Ed Sullivan introduced them. "Ladies and gentlemen...The Beatles!!!" Like most other kids of the 60s I was hooked. I got all the records of the pop/rock groups of that era, playing them on my small record player in my bedroom while pretending to be the singers and guitar players they conjured up, imagining my friends and their families watching me sing MY songs on their TVs. Imagining kids around the world playing MY records.

So that's how it all started for me. I later got my first "real" guitar for Christmas in my fourth grade year and took a few group guitar lessons, being self-taught from there. I also did begin making up my own tunes while sitting in the back seat of my Dad's 1953 Chevy. I was too shy to let others hear me sing and play guitar so there I sat for hours with the windows rolled up. In Summer it was stifling hot while in Winter my hands would get so cold I would periodically have to come inside to warm them under the bathroom faucet. But there I sat, guitar in hand regardless.

And now I am an old coot, nearing my 60th Birthday. I still write songs and play guitar but without the ambition of becoming a big star.
My passion for songwriting and performing has never lessened through all the years though, except these days my performances are in churches, drug/alcohol rehab centers and particularly nursing homes and assisted living facilities, whether it be for an audience of 1 person or 100s.

Although I have a large catalog of secular and comedic songs I've written over the years, these days I concentrate on what I guess you could call Gospel/Folk Rock tunes. In style they bring to remembrance the songs of the 60s/70s that I grew up in. The difference now is that the songs tell of the Gospel of Jesus, the Messiah, my Lord and Savior.

And you know what? I've never been more fulfilled.

Playing with Len Jarrett at Copperbean Coffee House